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The Great Philanthropist

Many have tried but few entrepreneurs have hitched their persona to their products as successfully as Singapore's Tiger Balm king, Aw Boon Haw. He succeeded in promoting his own personality and his medicinal balm hand in hand. From the day he took charge of the family concern in 1908, Aw literally stamped his mark on it. His name, Boon Haw, means "gentle tiger" in his native Hakka dialect.

Unheard of in those days, he created a new formula of making “Tea Pot” medicine into modern form for convenient use into a highly standardized and quality form. Being a savvy and genius promoter, he also used his car – custom-built in Tiger-shaped with the roars of Tiger to generate public interest. He understood the power of branding.

Just 3 years into the balm business, he became the largest publisher in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, capitalizing on his English and Chinese papers as an indirect source of marketing. And soon his trademark - a springing image of his carnivorous namesake - adorned every small tin or hexagonal glass jar of the pain-killing salve at the center of the business in some 70 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

Aw did not stop here. He went on to leverage on his balm business which, in later years, expanded into a mega empire of banking, insurance and property. Being one of the greatest philanthropist, he was conferred the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his care of community welfare and generous donations to hospitals, schools and nursing homes. During the Japanese occupation, his heroic act in standing against the Japanese and providing food to the Hong Kong citizens was also timeless.

Company - Aw Boon Haw Holdings Ltd

Founded in August 1979 by daughter and son of the legendary Aw Boon Haw, ABH Ltd aims to upkeep the family traditions in offering quality herbal products.

Advancing with time, ABH Ltd reckons the need for new, quality, time-tested and scientifically proven remedies. This is where ABH’s herbal formula and products are being subjected to the most rigorous test by independent accredited authorities in Singapore and USA to ensure safety of products for consumers.

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